This strain has taken the cannabis scene by storm since its release, with a variety of choice phenotypes (including Raskal’s own WiFi #3 selection) being frantically traded throughout the scene. Known for its great combination of bag appeal and potency, The White is a good match for the OG because it receives a needed boost of flavor and character.

Aroma and flavor in our particular WiFi phenotype is definitely OG-dominant, with a sharp and spicy aroma and hints of fuel and skunk.  The nugs are rounded and absolutely beautiful to look at, coated in a thick layer of dusty trichomes.  The White Fire feels like a true hybrid, as the uplifting Fire is mellowed out by the narcotic White.  Very potent without being anxiety-causing, the WiFi is a versatile med that seems to blend in with its surroundings — if you are relaxed and winding down for bed, it will work more as a relaxant — if you are going about your daily tasks, it seems to just enhance the experience, mostly lingering in the background and providing quality mood enhancement and relaxation.

This cut has been gaining an incredible reputation in the elite genetics community, both because of  the Fire OG Kush (one of the most sought-after OG cuts to this day) and Krome’s The White (a less-rare but still elite OG-based cut out of Florida) — for Kush-lovers, it doesn’t get much better than the “Wi-Fi OG“.


Fire OG Kush x The White


Bred by OGRaskal, released as a limited seed release


Here is a stunning example of OGRaskal’s White Fire OG, this one grown from seed stock and selected in Boulder, CO.  The “#2? designation is not anything permanent or reflecting upon the WiFi population at-large, but simply reflects the chosen plant number from this particular selection project.


With a tight nug structure more reminiscent of the Fire OG than the large pinecone-shaped buds of The White, this particular WiFi has the perfect blend of density and attractive trichome/calyx structure, keeping thing open enough to see but possessing a very satisfying nuggy texture.


The Fire OG is definitely the predominant aroma and flavor present in this cut, with a perfect slightly spicy OG flavor rife with gingery citrus terpenes and a kerosene-like kick that comes out when it’s disturbed.


This is a strain which when properly-grown has a deep, abiding flavor which lasts through the end of a joint and leaves a lingering OG flavor on the lips and in the throat whick rivals some of the best we’ve encountered.


Wonderfully uplifting yet deeply powerful effect, which comes on strongly from the first hit and stays around for well over 3 hours.  It’s felt immediately in the face and eyes, but doesn’t make the eyes feel squinty or dry, but rather just provides a constantly pulsing pressure and warmth which is pleasant to most patients.  Mentally it’s just a strain that wipes away stress and tensions and provides a humorous, light-hearted mood elevation which is very smooth and without any anxiety or raciness. or raciness.

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