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How to Make Weed Snickerdoodle Cookies

Everyone loves cookies—some love baking them, some love eating them while others love making and eating them. They are great to eat at any time and taken with a huge glass of milk satiate you like few other things do. Cookies, no matter how they are—hard, soft, filled or plain– are delicious to eat at any time, day or night, winter or summer. Of course, there are cookies and cookies—oodles of them but today we are going to learn how to make Snickerdoodle Cookies using cannabutter. So let’s see what we’ll need for this one.


Canna butter
Cookie flour
One egg
Some sugar to roll the cookies in
Implements Required

Mixing spoon
Cookie tray
How to make the weed cookies

In this video, the canna butter is already made using the Magical Butter contraption and is stored between in a plastic wrap.

Take the butter and cut a huge stick and transfer it to a bowl. The butter is green in color because of the weed. Cut the stick of butter into smaller pieces, add another piece if it is insufficient and stick this into a microwave for a few seconds. The aim is to melt the butter.

Take the Snickerdoodle cookie mix–(this again is the instant stuff-the ready made mix that’s available) and pour the flour into the now melted canna butter. Mix the flour into the butter evenly so that no lumps are visible. Then add another important ingredient—an egg to the mixture. Stir the whole thing so that it becomes a nice, thick green looking dough.

Take a little bit of the dough (enough to make a small ball) roll it between your fingers so that it’s nice and smooth, then roll the ball in cinnamon sugar and put it on to the baking tray (that’s lined with silver paper). Continue making small balls until all the dough is exhausted.

Meanwhile, pre -heat the oven to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (this is important) and keep the baking tray or trays one above the other –i.e one on the lower shelf and the other on the upper one. Bake it for 8-12 minutes and then remove the baking trays from the oven.

Allow the trays to cool before tasting the cookies. If you’ve followed instructions correctly, you should be able to get some nicely browned cookies that give off a lovely, enticing aroma. The top of the cookies should be a golden-yellow with bits of brown in between—an indication that they as good to eat as they are to look at.


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