“This well-balanced hybrid originates at TGA Seeds and its main breeders Subcool and Mz. Jill, though this one is actually Mz. Jill’s work. As the story goes, one day Mz. Jill was gifted an Orange Skunk cut (of unknown origin, likely Aeric77’s Cali-O) with an uncanny orange flavor. Always searching for new and more delectable tastes they immediately thought of crossing the new cut with their potent Space Queen, whose cherry/mango flavors were already a big hit. Thus was born Jilly Bean. These colorful, hybrid flowers exhibit a perfect union of Indica/Sativa bud structure.

Sativa gracefulness combined with chunky, Indica density. The aroma and flavor of this strain is nothing short of spectacular. Lip smacking sweet/tart candy with citrus flavors ranging from tangerine and grapefruit to occasional hints of creamy cherry-mango. This “Jilly” leans a little more to the Sativa side in initial effects. A quick-hitting, cerebral punch to the brain is quickly enhanced with uplifting, serene Indica body effects. Cerebral, yet never paranoid, energetic with no anxiety, this hybrid is a creative bonus to most situations, social and otherwise. An ever-present relaxed body element adds a very nicely balanced dimension to this feel-good med. Jillybean’s major medical attributes include anti-anxiety, mood elevation, and appetite stimulation.”


An exceptional example of a seed form with the orange punch flavor of Aeric77’s Cali O[range] bred by TGA/Subcool.  The strain has experienced a resurgence in popurity thanks to the sweet citrus terpenes that it yields well in hash oil.


Spade-shaped pesto green sepals arranged in loose stacked open calyxes, snaked with shocks of rich gold pistils, and above average coverage by long thin-stemmed wavy trichomes with slightly small heads


The main aroma is a very orange/grapefruit-heavy citrus scent, but the backing spiciness comes out post-grind, releasing an almost garlic-like quality that almost took over the citrus. While it wasn’t pungent in the realm of a Sour Diesel or something like that, it was very pungent for its type and even in a closed baggie could be detected from a few feet away, broadcasting its citrusy musk.


This one seemed to almost change at times, with some of us reporting a straight up orange drink (yep, like Tang) flavor, complete with the artificial quality of it all, while some got more of the spicy almost fuel-like qualities from the post-grind smell. The early hits tended to be more sweet, but left a bitter citrus oil taste lingering on the lips that hinted at the flavor of the later hits. This is an amazing orange strain though, most people will notice the similarities to the fruit immediately, whether it’s the smell or the taste.


The effects of this Jilly Bean strain were felt quickly and strongly, but it never got us to that racy or anxious state that some strong starters do, keeping us feeling mentally at-ease the entire time, though mentally energized. An increase in eye pressure (but not facial pressure) and a fluttery feeling in the chest were the early physical manifestations, but mentally it was definitely uplifting, greatly improving our mood and showing no outward signs of medication, making it a good professional/”stealth” type of strain. There was some visual enhancement as well, and in general, our senses felt very aware and acute. Despite the energy, most of us found that we spent most of our time sitting and smiling rather than being up and active — this is a relaxing Sativa overall, feeling much like a 50/50 hybrid as the lineage would indicate. During the last hour or so of effects, the Indica side came out more, and we felt very relaxed, with strong muscle relaxation and at times heavy eyes.

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