Alpha Blue, also known as Dream Diesel (or DD), is a high-flying sativa that combines Blue Dream and NYC Diesel. Its buds are glazed with sugary trichomes and take on hues of deep red and violet. The aroma is a combination of tart blueberry and sour candy that create a pungent mixture of earthy berry and Haze upon exhale. The sweet fragrance of Alpha Blue brings with it uplifting effects that produce a calming, relaxed mood without putting you to sleep. The cerebral and happy buzz is a great tool when coping with stress and anxiety.

Alpha Blue commands respect with medium to large flowers that taper into triangular, spade-like shapes. The flowers also have the distinction of looking more like flowers than dense, compressed buds. A sativa-typical structure means that the leaves grow off of central stems in tufts and have a fluffy texture and appearance. The leaves themselves are a vibrant spring green and are threaded through with red and orange hairs; these hairs are actually pistils, the female plant’s reproductive structures that collect pollen from male plants. Notably, Alpha Blue does not seem to have inherited the pigmentation from grandparent strain Blueberry that results in blue and purple hues. This strain’s scent, however, is undoubtedly familiar to fans of Alpha Blue and Blue Dream. The smell of sweet blueberries wafts off of the cured flowers. A slightly sour funk from NYC Diesel also imparts a more tart character to the berry smell. When ground or broken up, Alpha Blue’s flowers show their Diesel influence even more, with a sweet, fuel-tinged odor. This strain has a smooth smoke when burnt and tastes peppery on the exhale with a lingering aftertaste of sour fruit.

This is a strain that does not take long to make itself known. After smoking Alpha Blue, users may feel a slight constriction of facial muscles manifesting as a pressure around the eyes and temples. These disorienting physical effects are met with an enhancement of the senses — smokers might perceive sights, sounds, and even textures more intensely. A spike in cerebral activity is also common, with recursive or freely associative thoughts. Fortunately, any anxiety-inducing sense of “mindrace” is mellowed out by a slight body buzz that makes all tension evaporate. That said, this strain will not leave you couchlocked or make you feel out of control of your body.  Alpha Blue’s combination of relaxation, uplifted mood, and mental stimulation makes it suited to a wide variety of settings, both solo and social.

Medically speaking, Alpha Blue has both physiological and psychological applications. Its euphoric effects are great for those struggling with symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. Its lucid sense of focus is also great for patients with attention deficit disorders. Alpha Blue’s subtle body melt, relaxing without being incapacitating, can even relieve deep-seated, chronic aches and pains. This strain’s high is said to be particularly long-lasting, even for users with a high THC tolerance.

Because it’s an emerging strain — and because its provenance and creation is not well-documented — there is only limited information available on the cultivation of Alpha Blue. With no packaged seeds available for commercial sale, prospective growers must rely on clippings from mature, existing plants in order to grow genetically identical ‘clones.’Because it’s a hybrid, it may be successfully cultivated, although outdoor growing requires warm, Mediterranean-like climates with daytime temperatures between 72 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

After obtaining clones and taking the trouble to grown Alpha Blue, growers should also properly cure their flowers to preserve taste and potency. Curing involves first hanging buds upside down by the stem or lay them on drying racks that provide air circulation for 7 to 10 days; the surrounding humidity should be 50% and the temperature about 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Once stems snap off of the flowers easily, buds can then be sealed in airtight jars in ambient humidity of 60-65% and temperature around 70 degrees. As they cure, the buds should be checked at least daily for a week for signs of mold.

Popular amongst Colorado weed strains and on the West Coast, Alpha Blue stands to gain ground with its genetically-enhanced taste and evenhanded high.`It’s appropriate for daytime or nighttime use and its upbeat, often talkative high is right at home in cannabis-friendly social situations.

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