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    Alpha Blue, also known as Dream Diesel (or DD), is a high-flying sativa that combines Blue Dream and NYC Diesel. Its buds are glazed with sugary trichomes and take on hues of deep red and violet. The aroma is a combination of tart blueberry and sour candy that create a pungent mixture of earthy berry and Haze upon exhale. The sweet fragrance of Alpha Blue brings with it uplifting effects that produce a calming, relaxed mood without putting you to sleep. The cerebral and happy buzz is a great tool when coping with stress and anxiety.

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    One of legendary breeder Soma’s most varied and geographically-diverse strains, Lavender strain (formerly known as Soma #10) is named for its common finishing color and also for its unique flowery-spice scent that brings to mind fragrant charas hashish.

    Despite the plant’s Indica-dominant genotype, it grows tall and leggy and is very easy to manicure. Lavender is a very relaxing and mellow strain, making it easy to slip into early sleep with a high dosage. Great for evening relaxation leading into sleep as well as muscle pain and anxiety.

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