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Craig Weed Dispensary emphasizes on providing safe access to medical and recreational cannabis, brought to your doorstep in the most discreet manner possible. Customers can buy weed online conveniently and enjoy our collection of flower, edibles, concentrates, pre-rolls, CBD and THC oil & more at low relatable weed prices.

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What is an Indica Marijuana Strain?

Indica weed strains‘ physical effects are typically a very relaxed feeling on the body, mellow mood, drowsiness and with stress and pain relief. Indica weed strains are one of the more suggested strains when used for medical marijuana purposes. Indica medical marijuana effectively treats sleeping disorders such as insomnia, and is great for body aches and pains. Indica weed is commonly used for treating Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s Disease, Lupus and many more.

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What is a Sativa Marijuana Strain?

Sativa weed strains are known to be uplifting, stimulating, make things funny and put you in a good mood. This medical marijuana creates a feeling of comfort, non-drowsiness and introspective highs. The effects of smoking or consuming Sativa cannabis makes it very popular with creative or artistic people. The most popular Sativa medicinal marijuana benefits range from treating mental and behavioral problems to treating depression, stress, pain and ADHD.

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What is a Hybrid Marijuana Strain?

Hybrid Marijuana Strains provide the best of both Sativa and Indica worlds. Expert marijuana breeders select the top Sativa and Indica strains and combine them into super weed strains that retain the best aspects of both parents. Hybrid strains can be either Sativa or Indica dominant and have the effects to match. Nowadays hybrid marijuana is bred with other Hybrids for a variety of health benefits.

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